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Podcasts are not really new. Already in the early 2000s the concept was known as “audioblogging”.From 2004 on, the portmanteau word “podcast” (“cast” comes “broadcast”, while “pod” comes from the then popular MP3 player “iPod”) was used. By 2008, this format had established itself as the standard for archiving material that had already been broadcast, especially by radio stations. From 2015 this medium has become more and more popular. Especially during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, podcasts enjoyed unprecedented popularity.

Due to the comparatively simple production of a podcast, a multitude of niche interests can be served. Especially for the queer community there are a number of very interesting podcasts. In this article we will introduce you to some of the most interesting ones.

1.  Paus. (luxembourgish)

Paus. is a local podcast here from Luxembourg. In a very entertaining way the duo Yannick and Jill often discuss queer topics. For example, they dedicated an entire episode to the art of drag. Apart from that, there are also movie, series and music tips as well as a good portion of gossip, where hardly anyone is spared.

We are enthusiastic fans and recommend the already mentioned Drag Queen episode!


2. Méi wéi Sex (luxembourgish)

Méi wéi Sex is a podcast of the Luxembourgish radio station ARA. Now in its second season, it deals with a topic every two weeks that is exclusively about the most beautiful trivial thing in the world. Even if the podcast series does not only deal with queer sex, there might be one or the other very exciting information for all of us. The team has been carefully prepared and in the 98 episodes published so far, they discuss in a pleasant and relaxed manner topics that are otherwise only discussed in private in our conservative Luxembourg. Keep it up!


3. Abgeschminkt (german)

“Abgeschminkt! Der Podcast mit Lippenstift auf den Zähnen!” (in english:“Made up! The podcast with lipstick on your teeth”), is how the audience is greeted at regular intervals by the “women’s actors” Marcella Rockefeller and Laila Licious. In this podcast the well-known Cologne drag queens take us behind the scenes of drag and explain what it means to stand on stage in pumps and gigantic wigs. In between there are lots of funny anecdotes.


4. Schwanz und Ehrlich (german)

In contrast to Méi wéi Sex, this podcast is all about gay sex: “Is a blowjob already cheating? What does the perfect cock look like? And why does nobody ever talk openly and honestly about gay sex? These and other questions the three from the Rhineland want to get to the bottom of. Uncensored, politically incorrect – and in any case always honest. Sex is akward, sometimes funny, often quite good, but always real – and this is exactly what the threesome wants to convey.


5.  Rupaul: What’s the Tee? (english)

Legendary and a MUST for every fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race! A further description is not necessary here! Have fun.


6. Gouinement Lundi (french)

L’émission 100% lesbienne et biE, nice program! Gouinement Lundi is a program broadcast every fourth Monday of the month, live, on the radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle (106.3 FM). In the summer 2019, the team of volunteers, composed only of chicks, is currently on holiday, but offers a series of podcasts available on its website. PMA for all, humour, patriarchy, transidentity… No subject is left on the sidelines!

7. Quouir (french)

After a first season on the coming-out stage, Quouïr explores a new fundamental issue within the LGBT community: homoparentality. Rozenn Le Carboulec has set out to meet those for whom the desire to start a family has become a real challenge. Because understanding current events also means taking the time to listen to those concerned. Through 6 new episodes, you will discover their hopes, their disillusions, their victories and their revolts. These anonymous people for whom the debate around LDCs and FGM has a real impact on their lives, and how does the desire to be a parent become an obstacle course? How do we cope with the stress of failure? How do we find the psychological and financial resources to cope with yet another failure? How does an insemination take place? How do families who have managed to have a child live?

8. Happy Hippo Podcast (luxemburgish)

A special “shout out”, to stay in the jargon, goes to the three guys from the Happy Hippo Podcast! Even though the concept of this podcast is not about queer topics, the episodes are very entertaining. Special thanks to Dino, Luc and Ben for their trip to the official LUXEMBOURG PRIDE WEEK opening on 8 July 2019 and for the interview on discrimination. For this reason we also recommend you to visit the Episode Nr. 38.