discover queer culture in the quarantine

We are currently in extraordinary times because of the Covid-19 virus! Shops, restaurants and bars are closed, Home Office suddenly becomes part of everyday life for many of us, when we are not working as nurses, doctors, policewomen, salesmen or in one of the many other professions. Many thanks from us for this!

Since leisure time is currently reduced to your own four walls, we want to do our part to provide you with information and entertainment!

We have therefore worked on a series in which we present new topics every day. During the next few weeks we will sweeten your free time with articles, interviews, tips for documentaries etc.!

Here is a list of the articles we have published so far:


We are full of ideas and zest for action! All we need... is you!    To strengthen our team as well as different working groups we are looking for more volunteers! From writing columns for our website, translator, educator for different projects, to project leader!   ...

Rosa Online After Work 10.02.2021

Rosa Online After Work 10.02.2021

Corona sucks! Do you want to meet other people again or just simply talk to someone? Do you have something on your mind? We care! We are back from our winter break. And lo and behold: still a semi-lockdown! So mix yourself a nice cocktail or grab a glass of lemonade...

Drag Bingo

Drag Bingo

#StayAtHome & discover the queer culture! In view of the difficult times in which we have to limit social contact, our free time is restricted to our four walls! That's why we want to show you tips for articles, portraits, interviews or documentaries in the coming...