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Helena is finding it hard to sleep. She’s nervous, tomorrow is a big day for her. She has waited so long for this moment to arrive and now finally her dream is about to come true. Tomorrow she is to become a real woman. Step by step she takes us through the colourful highs and lows of the journey of her life to this point, what has made her the woman she is, the woman she is about to become.

A Touch Of Colour is a new musical about a transgender woman and her journey of self-discovery. It is a tour de force for the sole performer. Here, Musical Theatre star Pia Douwes plays not only the lead role but also the twenty two characters who appear during the piece.

With humour, compassion and sensitivity, the ground-breaking Transgender-Musical A Touch Of Colour questions what is ‘normal’ in today’s society. A Touch Of Colour was created at the Theatercouch in Vienna. The English translation will be seen as subtitles during the streaming of the performance. This unique show deserves the chance to be seen and heard by a wider international audience.

Mit: Pia Douwes
Regie: Andreas Gergen

Kamera: Gerhard Zahalka, Petra Plank
Ton: Birgit Plank

Klavier: Rory Six Fanpage
Violine: Yana Svistunova-Fliesser
Cello: Maike Clemens
Gitarre: David Volkmer