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The International Family Equality Day has been held on the first Sunday in May since 2012.
The aim is to increase the visibility of rainbow families worldwide and thus also to increase acceptance and support.

This year, the IFED Day has the motto “Diversity en Education”:
A school where everyone can fit in and feel welcome is a better, fairer and safer place for everyone. It is a community where no one feels inferior and is lifted out of what is left behind. It is a place where respect and diversity are valued and where everyone can develop and contribute to their best.
Our world is becoming more and more diverse, and the same applies to the family. Different types of families are becoming more and more common. The nuclear family with two heterosexuals, married, biological parents is only one among other possible models today. Families with single parents, same-sex parents, composite, adoptive parents, foster parents, extended, voting families etc. are part of the everyday experience of children. They are all equally valid and deserve equal rights and respect.
Schools, educational systems and informal education must recognize, honor, welcome and value this diversity.
For this to happen, the ideas and representations of family in schools, textbooks, educational materials, language and narratives must go beyond stereotypes and represent different family structures that take into account the growing diversity of family life.
In this way, diversity in education will contribute to the well-being of all children and to fairer, safer, richer and happier societies.