Door number 12. Saturday before the 3rd Advent. We are the people who were there for you last year in an honorary capacity. Some have left the board of directors and continue to support us wherever they can. Others are in the starting blocks and are waiting for the next general assembly to officially join the committee. What a lot we have done, fantastic events have been planned, unfortunately many of them were cancelled because a virus attacked our world. We played Drag Bingo, drank a sparkling wine online, had personal conversations with you, and and and. We received great encouragement from friends and strangers. And together we managed to make our LUXEMBOURG PRIDE happen! Over and over again we said: You are not alone! And that is what we are saying to you together now.

We are not only members of the board of directors, but many more: Adam, Andy, Carole, Dominique, Georges, Jeannine, Kevin, Laurent, Nicolas, Patricia, Tom, … and I am sure I have forgotten someone now.

All together we say: You are not alone! We wish you a nice and contemplative 3rd Advent and stay healthy!