Nightlife is a big, important part of our community. I’m DJ Sanchez, a Spanish Luxembourgish Bear DJ playing in all Europe, from Madrid to Paris, Torremolinos, Bruxelles, Cologne, Rome and, of course, Luxembourg where I’m resident for Woof Luxembourg (the men-only party), Fairytails and where you now can listen to me every Saturdays on L’Essentiel Radio in my own show from 10 to midnight.

I always likes makes people have a great night, make them dance, see them having fun but the ongoing crisis made it hard for me to do so. But I’m still giving people the good sound they like, on my Soundcloud, on my Youtube Live every Fridays, and the radio show now on every Saturdays. You are not alone. We are all here together and I’ll do my best to help you go through this.

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And for Woof Luxembourg, the men-only party :
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by DJ Sanchez