Even though the summer has been rather miserable so far, we want to revive our beloved tradition after a year’s break to celebrate the end of summer with you.
We especially welcome LGBTIQs and queer refugees.
We will meet once again at the “Hunnebur” near Mersch at 11.00 in a beautiful spot of nature to barbecue, chat and have a unique time together. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Everyone is welcome to come along. Don’t forget to bring your own food, drinks and possibly a camping chair or picnic blanket. Grill & various desserts will be provided again. If you would like to share a salad, desserts etc., please let us know here in the event.
There is a car parking area about 500m away.
Please note: this is a beautiful public space surrounded by nature. Please make sure that everyone takes their belongings with them and leaves the place as we found it.
We would also like to point out that we are still in a pandemic. Therefore, please also pay attention to the measures in place and respect e.g. safety distances.
When: 05.09.2021, starting at 11.00
Where: Hunnebuer
More Details: Facebook-Event